AABE-NYMAC: Fueling Opportunities in the Energy Industry

As one of the three chapters in the Northeast Region of the United States, the New York Metropolitan Area Chapter (NYMAC) of AABE has been a trailblazer since its establishment in 1987. Our vibrant community comprises professionals hailing from prestigious companies like Consolidated Edison of NY (Con Edison and Orange & Rockland) and the National Grid. Together, we are committed to providing energy professionals, executives, entrepreneurs, and students with a pathway to knowledge and growth in the dynamic energy industry.

Igniting a Passion for Learning

At AABE-NYMAC, our mission is to fuel your passion for the energy industry through education, mentoring, community service, and business networking. We believe in equipping you with the tools and resources to thrive in this ever-evolving field. Our members represent a diverse range of energy and energy-related disciplines, including oil, gas, electricity, nuclear, renewables, government, technology, energy services, and water. This breadth of expertise creates a rich knowledge base that benefits every member of our community.

Introducing the Summer Energy Academy (SEA)

As the creators of the Summer Energy Academy, we are proud to present an extraordinary opportunity for students like you to explore the wonders of the energy industry. SEA is an immersive program that combines education, innovation, and hands-on experiences to introduce you to the vast potential within the energy sector. By participating in SEA, you’ll gain invaluable insights into sustainable energy practices, engage in interactive learning experiences, and collaborate with industry professionals who are shaping the future of energy.

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