Summer Energy Academy

The Summer Energy Academy was created to assist in meeting the global energy challenge. In order to prevent an impending energy crisis, it is imperative that we expose students to the concepts of energy and STEM disciplines at an early age, therefore laying the foundation for future scientists and engineers to develop the needed technology to reduce and change how we consume energy.

The purpose of the Summer Energy Academy is to introduce young people to the possibilities that exist in the energy industry when they study science, engineering, and technology. The SEA Program consists of an intense curriculum of interactive presentations, labs, class assignments, field trips and a research project focusing on sustainable energy. Over six weeks, students will discover ways to reduce their own and New York City’s energy consumption while applying their knowledge and research to an assigned project.

In addition to the Summer Energy Academy, the AABE-NYMAC collection of programs include the Virtual Tutoring Program. This learning program provides students small group activities and one on one learning with personalized learning plans designed to advance students ahead of their grade level in Math and science.